My Accomplishments and the Future

A primary charge upon my arrival at Carnegie Mellon in 1992 was to lead the MAM Program; it was barely four years old at the time, and its curriculum and reputation were still evolving.  Within a few years, I expanded and fine-tuned the MAM Program into a professional graduate degree program that is considered among the best of its kind.  Students are drawn to the MAM Program from nearly every continent, and I am asked to visit, consult and work with students and professional practitioners in many other countries.

Mindful of the constantly changing external environments and the challenges and opportunities these changes bring, I have been diligent in seeking new institutional platforms for education and research.  Our achievements include:

  • The establishment of the Center for Arts Management and Technology;
  • The creation of the Master of Entertainment Industry Management (MEIM) Program, inaugurated in 2004, in response to the opportunity for specialized management education within the film and television industry; and
  • The launch of a double-degree program with the University of Bologna’s Faculty of Economics (2008) that provides students a deeper and richer perspective on global cultural management.

We are currently exploring additional initiatives:

  • Research opportunities for the entertainment industry, especially related to the management challenges of digital creative content and distribution; and
  • A concentration within the MAM Program focusing on the for-profit, private art gallery industry.

My over-arching goal is for the Institute for the Management of Creative Enterprises (IMCE) – home to the MAM Program, MEIM Program and CAMT – to be an internationally recognized and respected source of quality educational programs graduating talented and well-prepared managers, research addressing the creative industry’s challenges and opportunities, and services supporting those in the field struggling to bring stability and sustainability to their organizations.